Tile & grout cleaning

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Floors need to be cleared off. We vacuum the floors, Then we prespray our professional grade stripper/ oxidizer on the tile & grout and let the solution dwell. Next we use mechanical agitation to blast through the dirt build up in the grout and on the tile. Then we will use our hi pressure heated water from our truck mount unit to rinse and dry the floors leaving them looking brand new!

Clear Solvent Sealer

This clear seal is ultraseal impregnator protector, it repells water oils and dry soils.  There is a 2-4hr dry time before floors should be walked on.  This product protects floors for 6 months to year, with proper floor care.  We will go over the recomended care with all our clients.

Color Sealing

We use Turbo Seal color seal products to completely seal your grout from moisture, dirt, and grease! Turbo Seal is a water based film forming sealer that last for 3-5 years with proper floor care, We physically hand paint every grout line to completely seal them from all moisture. We carry 25 of the most popular grout colors. Price is by the sq/ft.

before cleaning

Floor Preperation

It is advised that all small personal items are removed from the cleaning area.  All area rugs should be rolled up and stored until the cleaning is complete.  We will vacuum the area with our commercial grade vacuum, so no need to vacuum or sweep.  If large fruniture can not be moved we will try our best to cover as much of the area that we can, or ask us about our furniture manipulation services.

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